A Shift in Perspective



My greatest joy lies in the process of rediscovering and reinventing one's sense of self, purpose and passion. My hope is to offer a space for reflection in which you can find clarity. I am here to help you find your way back to yourself and locate your intuition, spirit, and intention in a way that looks back as it looks forward, clearing space for new choices and experiences.



My therapeutic approach is honest and direct. I am actively engaged in the process of exploration and aspire to collaborate with you to meet the goals you establish by accessing and reflecting your own inner wisdom as well as offering a new perspective. 


Journey, expectation, goal, adventure, process, winding road, therapy

I will listen without judgment. We'll take a look at your underlying beliefs, perhaps even some you didn't know you had, and see how these are informing your actions, habits, and unconscious responses. We'll explore your early childhood and your first relationships, those that wounded you and those that inspired you. In every instance you will be the one to choose the direction of our inquiry and the depth of the waters in which we swim.