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Mood Disorders

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Mood swings, emotional reactivity, unpredictable encounters, feeling low for no apparent reason, experiencing lack of motivation, hopelessness and pointlessness. Anxiety, often arising in response to depression, becomes a vicious cycle. Mania, racing thoughts, pressured speech, uncontainable energy that feels boundless and urgently needs to be released.  All incredibly common in varying degrees. I will help you understand where it originates, create coping skills, and restore balance.

Trauma & Stress Responses

A deep chasm formed by cliffs and ocean

Easily startled, inexplicably thrust back into the midst of a terrible situation, intrusive thoughts, obsessive avoidance, fearfulness and hypervigilance, nightmares, isolation and inability to fully engage in the present. Trauma responses occur when an individual has experienced or witnessed a life threatening event. From stress to panic and all along the continuum, people's interpetation of danger, sensitivity to the world and response to threat are all highly individual experiences. I will work with you from your present-moment experience and begin to establish internal resources for safety originating from your mind, body and spirit. Once we establish safety, we will process your experience incrementally, and rewrite the course of events so you can find the freedom to move on with your life with confidence.


Excess, delight, vanity, finding beauty in nature's decay: nature morte

Expand your capacity for choice by breaking the hold of a particular behavior, whether that is drinking, using, or a variety of practices that may have began as ways to cope but now amount to self-harm and self-sabotage. Grief is common, especially when someone has built their identity around that behavior. Often the challenges that were solved and the situations that became tolerable through use come to the surface and need to addressed in a new way. There are leaps to be made, defenses to shed, and new experiences of self to be examined. 

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