Trauma-informed treatment for highly sensitive people



I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist with a background in fine art and philosophy. I came to therapy in the process of my own journey of self-discovery and transformation. I have a deep respect for the unknowable, the great mystery, that aspect of the human condition where something is always left out, just beyond grasp.

I completed my clinical training at Ohlhoff Recovery Programs, the San Francisco Art Institute, Haight Ashbury Psychological Services, and New Perspectives Center for Counseling.


Salvation, grace, beams of light.

I am a graduate of the Master’s program in Integral Counseling Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. I also hold a Master of Fine Art degree in Photography and a Bachelor of Art in Philosophy. I bring my creative spirit and intellectual curiosity to a psychodynamic approach to clinical psychology, utilizing interventions including guided imagery, mindfulness-based somatic techniques and cognitive or dialectical behavioral therapy. My approach is gender-sensitive, trauma-informed and strength based. I bring an expertise in the areas of addiction and recovery to my work.


Fern and camellia flowers

I work with artists, creators, writers and thinkers; those of us who are deeply affected by the world and whose sensitivities are both their greatest asset and most daunting challenge.

Wherever you find yourself in the infinitely varied spectrum of culture, gender, race, sex and religious identity, you are welcome here with me. It is my privilege to join you on this journey. I am here to help you see that everything is possible.


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Marla Leigh Caplan, MFT

1996 Union Street, San Francisco, California 94123, United States

(415) 857-5560