Path to healing on the journey of self-discovery.

Individual Psychotherapy

Specializing in trauma and addiction treatment for highly sensitive people. Clarifying purpose, meaning, and identity; envisioning the future; distilling the impact of the past.

The long and winding road where the path is sometimes clear and sometimes obscured. As a relational, psychodynamic psychotherapist, it is my honor and privilege to accompany you along the way.

Couples Therapy

Heart centered psychotherapy helping couples rebuild trust, rediscover intimacy, and communicate with honesty and empathy.

The roots of our family origins and history are interwoven, interdependent, run deep, grounding us in the present moment, connecting us to the earth, ourselves and each other, creating dynamic relationships to our past and our future.

Family Therapy

Exploring multiple perspectives and restoring balance when the problem is expressed in the dynamic between the whole and the related parts.

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